Bitcraze LED Ring

Bitcraze LED Ring

A couple posts back I wrote a little about the Qi Inductive Charger as part of my posts on things that make the Crazyflie 2.0 safer, easier to use, and more enjoyable. This post is about an expansion deck that makes the Crazyflie 2.0 more enjoyable (if that’s even a possibility).

One of the coolest, most attention getting, and fun expansion decks you can get for the Crazyflie 2 is the Bitcraze LED ring. This little device is a bottom mount only deck that has a ring of 12 high-output WS2812B LEDs facing downward and two high-output white LEDs facing forward. Simply turning on the LEDs make for a really cool effect on the Crazyflie (think spaceship launching from a dark, distant planet) but the fun really begins when you animate the LEDs!

As of this writing, there are 11 different “pre-installed” LED effects that include things such a test pattern, bouncing lights, battery meter, police light, tilt gauge, and thrust indicator. The coolest thing about the effects however, is that you can code your own and it’s not too hard. When I made a NeoPixel LED Ring modification on one of my Crazflie 1.0s I took a foray into doing just this and the good news is that the code I wrote is not far off from what you’ll need to program the Bitrcaze LED deck for the Crazyflie 2.0. Even better still, changing the LED effect using the controller is already built into the Python client application if you clone the “develop” branch from the Bitcraze crazyflie-clients-python GitHub repository.

So, without further delay, here are the “built-in” LED effects as of this writing. Make your own GitHub fork and edit the effects or create new ones. Make sure you offer a pull request to Bitcraze if you come up with any unique, outstanding, or amazing effects of your own!


#1 White Spinner

#2 Color Spinner

#3 Tilt Effect

#4 Brightness Effect

#5 Color Spinner 2

#6 Double Spinner

#7 Solid Color Effect

#8 Factory Test

#9 Battery Status

#10 Boat Lights

#11 N/A

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