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Month: April 2015

A Bit Distracted

A Bit Distracted

It’s funny how life seems to get in the way of hobbies. It’s a damn shame I can’t have a life of only hobbies.

In any case, my family and I moved cross-country and then I became a stay-at-home dad. Unfortunately, it seems I am doing more work now than when I worked full time!? It also requires more of my attention. Who knew a two year old was this much trouble… …err.. …I mean fun.

In any case, I’m still doing Crazyflie stuff. I just set up a Raspberry Pi B+ with the latest Crazyflie RasPi script, I just got a Walkera Devo7e and will be hacking it for Crazyflie support, and there are a couple projects on the Bitcraze blog I’d like to replicate so expect to see blog posts about those soon.

I’m a little backlogged but once I have total control of my routine again, I’ll be a little more active.

Now, let’s go see where my dear daughter put my Crazyflie after that last landing…